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Fri, Jul 01, 2005 9:10 pm


I run various sendmail log file processing scripts nightly to process the day's maillog file. At midnight, the maillog file in /var/log is rotated to /var/log/maillog.1. The log file processing scripts then analyze maillog.1 and produce reports based on its contents to allow me to track what is happening on the mail server. I added a Perl script, smlogstats, to the daily email log processing scripts.

The original smlogstats script is available from That script used a hardcoded output file. Since I want to maintain an archive of sendmail reports, I modified the script slightly to optionally allow the output file to be specified. The modified script has the following usage:

usage: [ -d ] [ -l logfile ] [ -o htmlfile] [ -t n ]

-d  print detail
-l  full path name to logfile (default /var/log/maillog)
-o  full path to the html output file (default stats.html)
-t  print top n addresses (default 10)

I use another script, smlogstats-log to produce a log file when it is run by cron every night at midnight. The script puts its output in /home/logfiles1/www/support/internal/logs/mail/smlogstats/$(date --date=yesterday +%Y)/$(date --date=yesterday +%m%d%y).html. The directory path includes a directory with the year specified, i.e. date --date=yesterday +%Y, followed by the file name, which is yesterdays date in mmddyy format followed by an extension of html.

Script -
Example output file- 063005.html

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