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Mon, Sep 24, 2007 10:40 pm

Ghost 2003 Internal Error 36000

After running chkdsk /f on all drives in the system, I started an image backup of a Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 system from a Norton Ghost 2003 boot CD. I was attempting to backup an internal IDE drive to a double-layer DVD in the system's internal DVD writer. When I attempted to backup drive C (the second partition to a double-layer DVD, I got a "File Name ? (546)" error message. The backup aborted shortly after it started with the current file being backed up listed as "0 $MFT".

When I hit enter for "OK", I then received the following error message:

Internal Error 36000

An internal inconsistency has been detected
If this problem persists, contact Symantec Technical Support

		[  OK  ]

When I hit enter, I saw the following:

ABORT: 12020, Write to CD/DVD disc failed

ABORT: 36000, A generalException occurred

I rebooted and hit F8 prior to the system booting from the Ghost boot disc to choose what entries in config.sys and autoexec.bat should be processed. I chose not to execute "Ghost.exe" from autoexec.bat. When I got a command prompt, I entered ghost -fni instead, as suggested by How to troubleshoot the error: "Internal error 36000 . . . ". I then proceeded with the backup of the second partition, excactly as before. This time the backup completed succcessfully.

[/os/windows/utilities/backup/ghost] permanent link

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