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Mon, Jan 21, 2008 10:47 pm

Generating a New Encryption Key with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you get the message "Current Encryption Key is out of date. A new encryption key will have to be generated.", when attempting to synchronize your BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager you must generate a new encryption key.

Messages are encrypted prior to being sent between the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and your BlackBerry. The encryption key for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the BlackBerry's own encryption key must match in order for messages to be decrypted at the receiving end. Encryption keys can be manually or automatically generated.

If you are using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for synchronization, take the following steps to generate a new encryption key:

  1. Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer.
  2. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-click Redirector Settings.
  3. In the Redirector Settings window, click the Security tab.
  4. Select Generate keys manually, then click Generate. The Generating New Key window will appear.
  5. Move the mouse around until the Generating New Key window closes. The random mouse movements help randomize the encryption key. When the window closes, a new encryption key has been generated.
  6. If you want to be prompted to generate a new encryption key every 31 days, select Generate keys automatically.
  7. Click Apply, then click OK.


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