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Sun, Aug 10, 2008 5:13 pm

Bandwidth Testing for Verizon's BroadbandAccess Service - USB720

I've posted the results I obtained during testing this weekend of Verizon's BroadbandAccess service using a Verizon-provided USB720 modem at Bandwidth Testing for Verizon's BroadbandAccess Service - USB720

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Sun, Aug 10, 2008 1:15 pm

Using Helix for Forensics

I had come across Helix - Incident Response & Computer Forensics Live CD by e-fense before, but hadn't done anything with it. I read an article An Introduction to Digital Forensics by BJ Gleason in Linux+DVD 3/2008 and decided to try it.

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Sun, Aug 10, 2008 9:34 am

Regaining Access to Hidden Windows Account

I have a laptop running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 with one "hidden account", i.e. the account is not visible on the Windows welcome screen, which shows the accounts one can log into. I can log into that hidden account, by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del and then putting in the username for the hidden account and its password. But a problem I have when I'm logged into that account and the screen saver activates, is that when I hit a key or move the mouse to access the system again, the system displays the welcome screen with the two visible accounts, but then hitting Ctrl, Alt, and Del won't bring up the login window where I can type in the username for the hidden account and its password.

The screen saver for the hidden account is set to the "Windows XP" screen saver with "On resume, display Welcome screen" checked.

At Hide user accounts from the Windows XP Welcome screen, one can download a tool that makes it easy to hide and unhide accounts. The webpage also mentions that the Ctrl-Alt-Del trick for logging into hidden accounts has a a pitfall - "it will fail to work if a user is still currently logged in."

If I hit Ctrl-End, the cursor is placed in the passwod field for one of the visible accounts, but hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del at that point has no effect and I can't get back into the logged in account.

I've found I can get around this problem by logging into one of the visible accounts and then immediately logging off that account. If I then hit Ctrl-Alt-Del a couple of times, I get the "Log On to Windows" user name and password prompt and can regain access to the hidden account under which I'm already logged in.

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