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Thu, Feb 05, 2015 10:50 pm

Chrome menu bar color changes

The Google Chrome menu bar, which consists of three horizontal bars, one beneath the other, in the upper, right-hand corner of a Chrome window will change color if Chrome is not up-to-date. Normally the 3 lines are black, but they will change to green, orange, or red if the version of the Chrome browser that you are using is no longer current. E.g., in the screen shot below taken on a Mac OS X system running Chrome 35.0, the bars have turned red. The menubar color changes apply to Chrome on other operating sytems as well. Clicking on the menubar shows a list of menu options, but also a "Chrome is Out of Date" message.

Chrome out of date

The menu bar color shows how long an update has been available:

ColorHow long an update has been available
Green Chrome menu bar2 days
Orange Chrome menu bar4 days
Red Chrome menu bar7 or more days

To configure Chrome to update automatically on a Mac OS X system, you can select "About Google Chrome" from the menu that is accessible from the menu bar then click on the "Set Up Automatic Updates for All Users" button.


  1. Update Google Chrome
    Google Help

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