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Managing Chrome Cookies

To manage cookies in Google Chrome, take the following steps:
  1. Click on the Chrome menu bar, which is 3 short, horizontal lines, one below the other at the top of the Chrome browser window.
  2. Click on Settings.

    Note: you can also get to the settings window by putting chrome://settings/ in the Chrome address bar.

  3. Scroll down until you see "Show advanced settings", then click on "Show advanced settings".
  4. In the Privacy section, click on the Content settings button.
  5. At the Content settings window, click on the All cookies and site data button.

    Chrome Content settings

    Note: you can also get to this window by putting chrome://settings/content in the browser address bar.

You will now see a Cookies and site data window showing you a list of all the cookies Chrome has stored.

Chrome cookies and site data

If you only want to check on cookies for a particular site, you can put the site name in the "Search cookies" field next to the Remove all button to display just the cookies associated with that domain name as shown below where only the cookies pertaining to are displayed.

Chrome cookies for

You dont' need to type in a complete domain name. E.g., if you wanted to search for any cookies associated with a website with a domain name beginning with "mysite", you could simply enter mysite for the search criteria. If you wanted to delete the cookies for that site, with only the relevant cookies for that site displayed by the search criteria, you could click on Remove all to get rid of just the cookies for that site.

Note: a shortcut to get to this list is to put chrome://settings/cookies in the Chrome address bat.

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