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Thu, Feb 26, 2015 10:04 pm

Adding a new DNS zone to a Windows Server 2012 DNS server

A Windows Server 2012 Essentials system can function as a Domain Name System (DNS) server. If the system is functioning as a DNS server you can add additional zones that are integrated with Active Directory (AD) or you can add them as file-based zones as you would on a Unix/Linux DNS server. The Windows DNS server can be configured to support forward or reverse lookup zones. A primary, secondary, or stub zone can be added.

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Thu, Feb 26, 2015 5:37 pm

Conditional formatting with "and" and "or"

I have a spreadsheet I maintain with Microsoft® Excel® 2008 for Mac that I use to track work requests. I color code cells in the spreadsheet so that I can easily identify requests requiring attention or that I need to keep a closer eye on. I use Excel's conditional formatting capability to implement the color coding. Excel only provides a maximum of 3 conditions for conditional formatting, but you can employ formulas using the logical "and" and "or" connectives to use multiple criteria for an individual condition to provide additional flexibility with conditional formatting.

E.g., I have an "Expedite" column, column "O", in the spreadsheet where I place a "Y", if the work request requires an expedited implementation. The normal implementation time should be within 5 business days, but sometimes requests require a more immediate implementation. I also have a status column, column "B", that shows whether a request has been completed or is in some other state, such as "approved", "pending", "clarification required", etc. In any case where there is a "Y" in the Expedite column and the value in the status column doesn't equal "Completed", I want to make the background of the cell where the "Y" appears in the Expedite column red, so I can easily spot ones that I need to track closely to ensure they are completed by the given deadline for the request. I can easily do that with conditional formatting.

To apply that formatting, I can click on one of the cells in column "O", which is the "Expedite" column and then click on Format and select Conditional Formatting and set a formula for the cell. E.g., if I've selected the first row in the spreadsheet, I can use the formula below:


The formula specifies that if cell B1 doesn't contain the text "Completed" and cell O1 contains "Y", then the condition is met. I can click on the Format button and then pick the color I want to apply to the cell background, in this case I want it colored red. Conditions that form the logical conjunction are separated by commas.

Conditional Formatting - And

You can also apply conditional formatting with an "or" condition and copy the conditional formatting to other cells as explained there.

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