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Wed, Jun 15, 2016 10:33 pm

Searching for text in the subject of a message with OWA

Using Outlook on the web, aka Outlook Web App (OWA)and Outlook Web Access, to check my email on a Microsoft Exchange server using a web browser, I can use the search function to search for a string that may be part of a word in the subject of a message. But I can only search for that string if it occurs at the beginning of a word. E.g., if I'm looking for any message that has "CRQ000000473568" within the subject of a message, I can use either of the two searches below to successfully find such messages.

Subject: CRQ000000473568
Subject: CRQ*

OWA search

I can use the asterisk as a wildcard character to represent one or more of any character.

But if I use either of the following search parameters, the relevant messages won't be found.

Subject: *473568
Subject: *473568*

The search function doesn’t provide a search option that will allow you to search for text in the middle or end of a word. It only find items that contain a word that begins with your search string.

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