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Mon, Aug 14, 2023 7:37 pm

Adding registry keys to the Windows Registry from a .reg file

You can save registry keys from the Windows Registry on a system running a Microsoft Windows operating system by running the Windows Registry editor, regedit.exe, then navigating to the location of a key you wish to save, right-clicking on it and selecting Export to create a .reg file. You can then import the registry key on another Windows system by double-clicking on that file on the system on which you wish to have the same registry entry. You may need to be logged in under a administrator account for keys that apply to all users, but you can still import the contents of the .reg file without logging out of the currently logged in user account, if that is not an account in the administrator group, by opening a command prompt window with administrator privileges. On a Windows 11 system, you can do so by typing command prompt in the Search field at the bottom of the screen. When you see the Command Prompt app returned in the search results, click on it to open a command prompt window without administator privileges or select "Run as administrator" to open a command prompt window with administrator privileges. To add the registry entries in a .reg file to the Windows Registry from the command prompt you can issue the command reg /import filelocation\filename where filelocation is the directory path to the file and filename is the file's name. E.g., to import a registry file named L5SoftwareGroup.reg located on the server server1 in the shared public folder under the directory path \Software\Utilities, I could enter the command below.

C:\Windows\System32>reg import \\server1\public\Software\Utilities\L5SoftwareGroup.reg
The operation completed successfully.


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