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Fri, Mar 08, 2024 7:33 pm

Downloading Smithsonian Associates Encore Videos

If you purchase a Smithsonian Associates class, but are unable to watch the class via the Zoom session at the time scheduled for the live presentation, you can usually log into your Smithsonian Associates account and go to "View my Encores recordings" to watch the class up to 72 hours after the live presentation. At "Welcome to Associates Encores," you will see the following:

Many—but not all—live-streamed programs are recorded. We understand it's not always possible to watch a program in real time, and as a courtesy to ticket buyers we are glad to make recordings available within 24 hours after the program has taken place. The recordings can be viewed for up to three days (72 hours) after they become available.

SmithSonian Associates has stated that they don't have sufficient storage space to make the recordings permanently available. If you can't watch the recording within the 3 days it will be available or want to have a permanent copy available for future reference, you can take the steps listed below to download an MP4 file of the recorded presentation.

If you click on the Watch button from your Encores page on the Smithsonian Associates website, you will be taken to a Zoom webpage. You can watch the video from that page, but if you right-click on the video, you will not see any option to save it. So you need to install a browser extension that will enable right-clicks to work on pages where they have been disabled.

Note: the instructions below are specifically for the Brave browser on a Microsoft Windows system, but the procedure for other browsers is likely to be similar.

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