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Mon, May 18, 2009 9:42 pm

Ghost 7.5 Client Unable to Obtain IP Address via DHCP

On Monday, a user called me to report that she was seeing "Unable to obtain IP address via DHCP. Network initialization failed: the DOS-mode client cannot proceed." messages on one of her company's PCs. Rebooting the system did not help. When I booted the system this evening, I saw the following appear on the system's screen during the boot process:
MS-DOS LAN Manager v2.1 Netbind
IBM Netbind Version 2.1
Microsoft (R) Mouse Driver Version 8.20
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1983-1992.
Copyright (C) IBM Corp. 1992-1993.
Mouse driver installed
Network initialization failed: the DOS-mode client cannot proceed
Unable to obtain IP address via DHCP
Network initialization failed: the DOS-mode client cannot proceed
Unable to obtain IP address via DHCP

The last two lines continued to repeat. I hit Ctrl-C to break out of the loop, which yielded a C:\GHOST> prompt. I realized then that the Ghost backup process that normally runs on the weekend encountered a problem. A Ghost 7.5 server normally starts a backup of the system on the weekend by contacting the Ghost client software on the system and instructing it to reboot into a Ghost virtual partition. When the backup process completes, the system will reboot into Windows. But, in this case, something went wrong.

Apparently, when the system rebooted into the Ghost virtual partition, it couldn't obtain an IP address from the Ghost server via DHCP and then just continually looped as it tried to obtain an IP address via DHCP. When I later checked the DHCP server, I found that it had exhausted its pool of available IP addresses for handing out via DHCP.

At the prompt, I typed ngctdos -hide and hit Enter to "hide" the Ghost virtual boot partition and restart the system normally.


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