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Sun, Oct 03, 2010 10:37 pm

Scan of Windows XP System on 2010-10-03 with Verizon Internet Security Suite

I ran a scan of a Windows XP Service Pack 2 system with an up-to-date version of Verizon Internet Security Suite on 2010-10-03. The software, which states it is "Powered by McAfee" reported the following:

During the full scan, McAfee detected one item that requires your attention. View the scan details to fix this issue now.

Items Scanned: 324912
Items Detected: 88
Items Fixed: 87
Items Remaining: 1

Potentially Unwanted Programs Adware-Url.gen

Files Affected
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\afactory.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\bingocafe.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\gamepipe.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\gifart.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\graflatscreen.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\pcpowerscan.url
C:\Program Files\Free Offers from\spcasino_sep.url

I chose to have Verizon Internet Security Suite quarantine the files. When I checked on what else it had found, I found it reporting it had quarantined an instance of!zip, which it found in a file,, that it found at C:\Documents and Settings\Jeanne\My Documents\Email\Embedded\, i.e., it appeared to have quarantined an attachment to an email message. There was no indication that the file had actually led to any infection of the system, just that a zip file containing the malware had been detected. The webpage for that malware contained a link to a McAfee webpage, which indicated McAfee first discovered that malware on August 20, 2007.

The scan also found a lot of cookies wich the antivirus program deleted, but I consider those fairly innocuous.

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Sun, Oct 03, 2010 1:21 pm

Accessing a Windows 7 System via Remote Desktop

I needed to access a Windows 7 Professional system from a Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server (SBS) using Remote Desktop. First I needed to enable Remote Desktop access on the Windows 7 system. I then added the account that I needed to use for remote access to the Remote Desktop Users group.

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