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Thu, Oct 03, 2013 10:47 pm

Restoring terminal scrollbar

While using the terminal application on a Ubuntu 11.10 system, I found that the scrollbar that will appear on the right side of a terminal window had disappeared and that I couldn't get it to reappear. The problem occurred after I was disconnected from terminal sessions I had established within several tabbed windows in the terminal application.

At Terminal output scrolling is gone (Headless 11.10 Server, Upgraded from 10.10), I found a solution that worked to restore the scrollbar. By using the less command on a file that was long enough to require paging to view the entire file, I was able to restore the ability to scroll in the terminal windows. I issued a command less longfile.txt and then paged through the file and exited normally from less. I was then able to see the scrollbar again. I had to do that for each terminal window.

On another occasion, I found that using less wouuldn't resolve the problem but using more, e.g., more longfile.txt, resolved the problem.

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