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Wed, Mar 05, 2014 10:38 pm

Audio File Play - afplay

On Mac OS X systems you can play an audio file, such as an MP3 file, from a command-line interface, i.e., a shell prompt, which you can get by running the Terminal program found in /Applications/Utilities, by using the audio file play command, afplay. E.g.:

afplay Waterfalls.mp3

You can terminate the playing of the audio file using Ctrl-C. You can specify that the audio file only be played for a specific number of seconds using the -t or --time argument. E.g., the following command would play the specified MP3 file for 10 seconds and then terminate afplay:

afplay --time 10 Waterfalls.mp3

For help on the command use afplay -h.

$ afplay -h
afplay [option...] audio_file

Options: (may appear before or after arguments)
  {-v | --volume} VOLUME
    set the volume for playback of the file
  {-h | --help}
    print help
  { --leaks}
    run leaks analysis
  {-t | --time} TIME
    play for TIME seconds
  {-r | --rate} RATE
    play at playback rate
  {-q | --rQuality} QUALITY
    set the quality used for rate-scaled playback (default is 0 - low quality, 1 - high quality)
  {-d | --debug}
    debug print output

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