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Thu, Mar 20, 2014 9:21 pm

Check marks, x marks, and checkboxes

If you need to represent a check mark, aka tick mark, or an x mark, aka cross, x, ex, exmark, and into mark, or a checkbox, aka check box, tick box, and ballot box, which someone can checkmark, on a webpage, there are a number of HTML codes that can be used to do so. The codes can be represented in decimal or hexadecimal format depending on your personal preference.
ballot box☐☐
ballot box with check☑☑
ballot box with x☒☒
white heavy check mark✅✅
check mark✓✓
heavy check mark✔✔
×mulitplication sign×&#x00D7
large multiplication sign✕✕
heavy multiplication sign✖✖
cross product, also known as Gibb's vector product⨯⨯
ballot x✗✗
heavy ballot x✘✘

If you see squares or question marks instead of the symbols, you may need an appropriate language pack installed to display the symbols.

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