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Fri, Mar 28, 2014 10:12 pm

Problem with Blosxom calendar cache

I use the Calendar Plugin for Blosxom on this site. When I checked the site with the Xenu Link Sleuth tool, which reveals broken links, today I found it reporting errors for urls with "//" in the directory path in the URL. It took me a few minutes to realize that the errors were due to the calendar displayed for the blog that points to prior entries. When I looked at the URLs for various days on this month's calendar, I saw that the links were all appearing similar to the following one:

They had "RS=" and "euLow-" followed by repetitions of the year and month in the URL. I knew that the links had been appearng normally, so I suspected the problem was caused when I posted an entry this morning. Sometimes when I've worked on something previously, but not yet posted it, I will change the time on the file associated with the entry to point to the date and time I worked on it or when I edit an entry I may set its time stamp to the original date and time after I've finished editing it. I had done that this morning, so I suspected there was a problem with the calendar's cache file, .calendar.cache, which is located in the Blosxom plugins state directory, plugins/state. The file can be deleted; it will be recreated automatically when the Blosxom blog is viewed again. I deleted the file and refreshed the page in the browser with which I was viewing the site and all of the links for the calendar then appeared normally.

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Fri, Mar 28, 2014 9:22 pm

Xenu Link Sleuth

When I checked the error log for this site this morning, I noticed an entry pointing to a nonexistent file on the site, which led me to check the Apache CustomLog file to look for information on why someone might have followed a link to a file that never existed on the site. I didn't discover the source of the incorrect link, but in the process of checking for that incorrect link I found a very useful tool, Xenu Link Sleuth, that revealed a signficant problem with the site due to a change I made this morning and pointed out broken internal links on the site.

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Fri, Mar 28, 2014 10:46 am

Determing the NTP servers in use on a Mac OS X system

If you need to know the Network Time Protocl (NTP) server in use on a Mac OS X system you can use the command systemsetup -getnetworktimeserver or you can look at the contents of the /etc/ntp/conf file.
$ systemsetup -getnetworktimeserver
Network Time Server:
$ cat /etc/ntp.conf
server minpoll 12 maxpoll 17

The minpoll and maxpoll values specify the minimum and maximum poll intervals for querying the time server as a power of 2 in seconds. So, for the example above, where the time server is, the minimum interval is 2 to the power of 12 or 4,096 seconds, which is a little over an hour (1.14 hours). The minimum interval defaults to 6, which equates to 2 to the power of 6, which is 64 seconds. The maximum interval defaults to 10, i.e. 2 raised to the power 10, which is 1,024 seconds. The upper limit for the value is 17, which is 36.4 hours. A secondary time server is also shown in the example above. The secondary time server could be used when the primary one is unavailable.

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