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Thu, Jan 15, 2015 10:06 pm

HTTPNetworkSniffer v1.45

Nir Sofer provides many free network and system tools for Windows systems from his website, NirSoft. One of those tools, HTTPNetworkSniffer, provides the capability to "sniff", i.e, capture and examine, the HTTP network traffic between the system on which the tool is installed and the web servers contacted from that system. All, or portions, of the data captured can be saved to a file in a variety of formats for later examination. Those formats include the following ones:
  1. Text (*.txt)
  2. Tab Delimited Text File (*.txt)
  3. Tabular Text File (*.txt)
  4. Comma Delimited Text File (*.csv)
  5. HTML File - Horizonal (*.htm; *.html)
  6. HTML File - Vertical (*.htm; *.html)
  7. XML File - (*.xml)

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