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Wed, Jan 28, 2015 11:54 pm

Reducing the size of the Calendar folder in Entourage 2008

If you have a maximum storage limit on a Microsoft Exchange server and need to reduce the amount of storage you are using and have Entourage 2008 as your email client, you can check the overall space consumed by right-clicking on the icon representing the Exchange server that appears above your Inbox on the server, then select Folder Properties then Storage. You will then see a figure for "Total size (with subfolders)". One way to reduce the amount of storage space consumed is to reduce the size of the Calendar subfolder by removing outdated entries. You can see its size in the list of all subfolders or you can right-click on Calendar in the left pane of the Entourage window and choose Folder Properties then Storage.

Entourage Folder Properties: Calendar

From the left pane of the Entourage window, you can select old entries by clicking on Calendar then selecting Edit from the menu bar at the top of the window and then selecting Advanced Search. For "Item Contains", select "End Date" and, instead of "Any Date", select "Greater Than". Then put in a number of days in the field to the right of "Greater Than". E.g., I could put in 730 to find any calendar entry that was more than two years old. You can then delete all of those old entries, though you may receive many prompts for "You have chosen to cancel this event. Do you want to notify the Organizer?" After you've finished, you can then right-click on Calendar again and select Properties and Storage to see how much space you freed be removing the old entries.

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