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Mon, Jan 19, 2015 7:21 pm

How to have quotes inside a title for a hyperlink in Google Sheets

Google Sheets provide a free online spreadsheet program. If you want to insert a URL into a cell in a Google sheet, the syntax is =HYPERLINK(URL,cell_text). The cell_text is the text displayed for the URL. It is an optional argument; if it isn't provided, the URL will be displayed. The URL and cell_text need to be enclosed in double quotes.

So, how do you specify cell text when that text includes quotation marks. E.g., for a title of Fixing "To" Addresses in a Queued Message, using =hyperlink(","Fixing "To" Addresses in a Queued Message") won't work, since the first double quote character appearing after the beginning one before Fixing signals the end of the cell_text. Often a backslash character, \ can serve as an escape character indicating that the character that follows isn't to be treated the way it would normally be treated by software, i.e., any special significance for the following character is to be ignored. But in this case that didn't work. I still saw #ERROR! in the cell and a little red triangle in the cell that when clicked on displayed Error: Parse. Nor would using the &ldquote; and &rdquote; that can be used in HTML coding to signify left and right double quotes. That just resulted in that text being displayed with the rest of the cell text. What I found did work was to use the double quote character itself as an escape character, so that if two double quotes are placed one after the other in cell_text, a double quote will appear within the cell_text. E.g., in the above case, =hyperlink("","Fixing ""To"" Addresses in a Queued Message") worked to display Fixing "To" Addresses in a Queued Message for the cell text. You don't need to escape any single quotes within the cell_text, only the double quotes. You can also escape double quote characters within a URL the same way.

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Mon, Jan 19, 2015 5:16 pm

Unidentified Task Manager startup list entry

If a file that would be automatically run at system boot or login time doesn't actually exist, Microsoft Windows may show an entry named "Program", with no publisher listed, in the list you see when you click on the Startup tab in the Windows Task Manager. If you right-click on the entry, you will see the "Open file location" option grayed out. You can use the Microsoft autoruns utility to track down the registry entry that is resulting in the "Program" entry appearing in the startup list for the Task Manager. When you locate it, you can uncheck it in autoruns to stop the entry from appearing in the Task Manager.

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