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Wed, Jan 07, 2015 11:32 pm

Checking Microsoft Windows proxy server settings

Web browsers can be configured to use a proxy server for network connections, i.e., instead of directly connecting to websites, the connections are routed to a proxy server, which then establishes a connection to the website and routes the return traffic from the site back to the browser. This may be done for security reasons, e.g., the proxy server may be running antivirus software that checks all downloads from websites before passing files on to users' systems or the proxy server may be used to block access to websites deemed malicious, i.e., ones distributing malware, or ones that are deemed inappropriate for the workplace or by children, if the proxy server is located in a home rather than a business environment. A proxy server may also be used to hide the actual IP address of the system on which the browser is running for privacy reasons.

The proxy server settings for the system can be configured within Internet Explorer on a Microsoft Windows system. They can also be queried and set from a command line interface using the reg query or reg add commands.

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