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Tue, Apr 19, 2016 10:14 pm

Troubleshooting RDP through a NetScreen Firewall

I needed to determine why a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection could not be established through a NetScreen firewall to a Microsoft Windows system on the trusted side of the firewall , so I logged into the firewall and set a filter to capture traffic on port 3389, the port used for RDP connections. I then turned "snooping" on by issuing the snoop command, which led me to realize that I was trying to connect to the wrong IP address.

I was using the rdesktop program on a Ubuntu Linux system to establish the connection to the Microsoft Windows system. After I realized my error regarding the destination IP address, I was able to establish the RDP connection, but then received a "Connect a smart card" message when I got to the login screen and clicked on the relevant account. I was able to log into the system, however, if I used the -p option with the rdesktop command to supply the password for an account on the Microsoft Windows system.

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