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Sat, Dec 17, 2016 10:06 pm

Searching browsing history for a specified period with BrowsingHistoryView

I performed a malware scan of a system with McAfee Total Protect on 2016-12-14 which found malware that was apparently placed on the system on December 8, 2016. Since BrowsingHistoryView from Nir Sofer provides a means to examine the browsing history stored on a system for many browsers, I installed it on the system - the installation process consists of simply extracting the files contained in the zip file you can download from the NirSoft website - in an attempt to determine the source for the malware. I thought there might be an entry in the browsing history for a time near the time stamp on the malware file that would reveal a website from which it might have been downloaded. BrowsingHistoryView allows one to view the browsing history for the following browsers:

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[/os/windows/software/network/web/BrowsingHistoryView] permanent link

Sat, Dec 17, 2016 9:45 pm

SUPERAntiSpyware detected Search Protection

I ran a scan for malware on a Microsoft Windows 10 system using SUPERAntiSpyware, an anti-spyware program that is available as a free version, today. I ran a scan of another Windows 10 system at the same location using SUPERAntiSpyware a few days ago after the user of that system reported performance problems on her system. The other user told me that the user of the system I scanned today was also experiencing problems with her system. SUPERAntiSpyware reported "1 Item Found" on the system I scanned today. It reported that it found an application Search Protection:

Search Protection is a program that may display advertisements and is bundled with other potentially unwanted programs.

It identified the following Windows registry key as suspicious:


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[/security/scans/20161217] permanent link

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