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Thu, Dec 29, 2016 10:38 pm

Setting up a Family Library for a Kindle Fire HD 10

My wife usually reads at night using her Amazon Kindle before going to sleep. Recently, however, she experienced problems charging the Kindle. We looked at new Kindles, including the Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet1px x 1px That Kindle is larger than her prior Kindle, but she was impressed with how light it is and felt that she could read comfortably at night in bed with it, so we ordered that one online; it arrived today. When I purchased our first Kindle, the first one offerred, we shared the Kindle. Eventually I bought her a Kindle of her own and then later we purchased a new third Kindle for her, but since Amazon didn't offer a means to transfer books from one family member to another, we didn't have a mechanism for transferring her books from the first and second Kindles to her latest Kindle, if we created a second account just for her, so she would see my books if she looked for books we'd purchased to download to her Kindle and I'd see recommendations refelecting her reading tastes when I logged into my account. It was annoying that Amazon didn't previously provide a means for us to separate our Kindle ebooks, but when the new Kindle arrived today, I decided I'd check to see if they now did offer an option for family members to share or transfer books, since it had probably been at least a year since I'd last checked. Happily, I found that Amazon now offers a "Family Library" option that allows adult family members to share books with one another, which would allow me to create a new Amazon account for her and share the books she'd already purchased under my original account to her new account.

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