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Thu, Feb 05, 2009 2:25 pm

ELOG Logbooks Location

I moved my ELOG logbooks from one laptop to another. After installing ELOG on the new laptop, I needed to tell ELOG where to look for logbooks, since by default it expects logbooks to be in the logbooks directory beneath the installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\ELOG\logbooks. To do so, I took the following steps:
  1. Open elogd.cfg, which is stored in the ELOG installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\ELOG\elogd.cfg, with Notepad from an administrator account.
  2. In the global section add a Logbook dir = <directory> line where <directory> is the directory where you wish to have the logbooks stored. Note: don't use quotes around directory names, even if there are spaces in the names of directories in the path to the logbook directory. E.g.:
    port = 8080
    logbook dir = C:\Documents and Settings\James\My Documents\ELOG\logbooks
  3. You then need to create a section in elogd.cfg for the logbook. Put the name of the logbook between "[" and "]" and then add the relevant lines for that particular logbook. E.g.:
    Theme = default
    Comment = System Administration
    Attributes = Author, Type, Category, Subject
    Options Type = Configuration, Malware Scan, Patches, Problem, Problem Fixed, Routine, Software Installation, Upgrade, Other
    Options Category = General, Hardware, Software, Network, Security, Other
    Options Author = John Smith
    Required Attributes = Author
  4. Save the modified elogd.cfg.
  5. Restart ELOG, which you can do from an administrator account from the command line using the following commands:
    C:\>net stop elogd
    The elogd service is stopping.
    The elogd service was stopped successfully.
    C:\>net start elogd
    The elogd service is starting.
    The elogd service was started successfully.

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