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Sat, Mar 21, 2009 7:21 pm

Belkin F5D7230-4 DHCP Range Error

I have a Belkin wireless router, model F5D7230-4 6000 router with firmware version F5D7230-4_US_8.01.07. I found that oftentimes I couldn't ping the router from a system. I finally realized the source of the problem today. When I clicked on LAN Settings, I saw the router had an IP address of with a subnet mask of, yet the system from which I couldn't ping any other system connected to the router and which had no network access, had an IP address of assigned via DHCP from the router. With a subnet mask of, the host address range would be through, since the router is using and is the broadcast address. Yet when I attempted to change the IP address range the router used for its DHCP assignments, it kept resetting the IP pool ending address to after I set it to I would set the starting address to and the ending address at then click on Apply Changes. The router would reboot and I would find it had reset the last address to be assigned by DHCP to again. I tried setting the ending addres to 5 with the same results.

So I changed the subnet mask to, which provides an address range of 16 addresses (14 usable for hosts, since is the subnet id and is then the broadcast address). I then tried setting the ending IP address for the DHCP server built into the router to 7. When the router rebooted that address was back at 12 again. This time I just left it, since at least this time all of the addresses the built-in DHCP server would assign will be within the subnet range.

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Sat, Mar 21, 2009 2:27 pm

Changing the IP address of a Dell PowerConnect 3024 Switch

You can change the IP address of a Dell PowerConnect 3024 switch by taking the steps below.
  1. Connect to the system via telnet. From the initial welcome screen you must enter a password to proceed, if password protection is enabled. If password protection is disabled, the main menu is displayed. By default, password protection is disabled. If password protection is enabled, the default password is switch.
                W     W
                W  W  W  EEEEEE  L        CCCC    OOOO   M    M  EEEEEE
                W  W  W  E       L       C    C  O    O  MM  MM  E
                W  W  W  EEEEE   L       C       O    O  M MM M  EEEEE
                W  W  W  E       L       C       O    O  M    M  E
                W  W  W  E       L       C    C  O    O  M    M  E
                 WW WW   EEEEEE  LLLLLL   CCCC    OOOO   M    M  EEEEEE
    Enter password:
  2. From the main menu, select System Manager.
                                   PowerConnect 3024
                                       Main Menu
                                 a. System Manager
                                 b. Port Manager
                                 c. Address Manager
                                 d. Spanning Tree
                                 e. VLAN and CoS Setup
                                 f. Port Trunking
                                 g. Port Mirroring
                                 h. SNMP Management
                                 i. Multimedia Support
                                 j. Statistics
                                 k. Save Configuration
    Hit <Enter> to configure General, IP, Password, NVRAM, Firmware, or Reset
                                                    <Ctrl-L> Refresh  <Ctrl-W> Save
  3. Then select IP Settings.
                                   PowerConnect 3024
                                     System Manager
                                   a. General Info
                                   b. IP Settings
                                   c. Security Admin
                                   d. Firmware Update
                                   e. Reset
    Hit <Enter> to configure the IP Address, Gateway Address, or Network Mask
    <ESC> Back                                      <Ctrl-L> Refresh  <Ctrl-W> Save
  4. Change the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address to the appropriate values for your LAN.
                                   PowerConnect 3024
                               System Manager/IP Settings
                                 IP Address:  
                               Network Mask:
                            Default Gateway:
    Enter this switch's IP address
    <ESC> Back                                      <Ctrl-L> Refresh  <Ctrl-W> Save

    Note: if you hit enter the values are changed, but not saved, so you can revert to the previous values by powering off the switch and powering it back on. If you are changing the address, such that the new address is no longer in the same subnet as the existing address and the gateway IP address will also change, rather than just changing from an address in the same subnet to another, I would suggest changing the gateway address first, because you can't change the IP address and then use the cursor keys to move to other fields. When you type in the new IP address, you can hit Escape to undo the change or Enter to accept it. If the change would place the switch in a different subnet than the system from which you have connected to the switch by telnet, you will be immediately disconnected when you hit Enter.

    But, if you change the gateway address first and hit Enter, the cursor will automatically jump to the IP address field, where you can then change the IP address. You will still be disconnected as soon as the IP address is changed to one that isn't in the same subnet as the connecting system, but then you've got both values changed.

  5. If you are just changing the IP to one in the same subnet, hit Ctrl-W to save the new configuration. If you've been disconnected, because you changed the IP address to one in a different subnet, reconfigure the connecting system, log back into the PowerConnect 3024 and save the configuration.

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